Featured Project: Two Lights

Brand Positioning

Two Lights is a brand new culinary retreat inspired by coastal sea culture and fare. It’s the brainchild of Chicago restaurateur Keene Addington III (Tortoise Supper Club, Flat Top Grill), who partnered with One Design to capture the rejuvenating spirit of coastal Maine and bring it home to Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

Marrying Maine and Old Town

Chicago may be known for its lakefront trail, but it’s hard to compete with the Atlantic. For Two Lights, our primary challenge was capturing the feeling of coastal Maine, and at the same time fitting into the unique fabric of Old Town. Without brick and mortar inspiration—the restaurant had not yet been built—the team got to work crafting an identity that could translate to a variety of physical environments.

Sea fare and sea air

To start, we immersed ourselves in both the restaurant culture around Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood and on-site in Portland, Maine. Doused in inspiration from the field, the vision of a bright, light, affable eatery began to take shape. Want to learn more? Dive head first into our research process for Two Lights.

A name inspired by nature

Our research showed us an opportunity to create a casual, imaginative culinary experience—and to become a haven from city life. So we found a name to match: Two Lights. The simple, bright moniker evokes the restorative feeling of escape while paying tribute to the restaurant’s coastal inspiration, Two Lights State Park in Maine.

Casual but unique

We wanted to create an experience that felt right for the area while differentiating itself with elevated food and a rejuvenating ambiance.

Sophisticated and approachable

The visual identity brings the strategy to life: A sophisticated but approachable bar and restaurant that evokes a casual, relaxed state of mind. Spare color and clean typography alongside elegant imagery create a design system that tells a deep, romantic story.

A coastal refuge

Welcome to Two Lights. An imaginative restaurant concept with a fresh identity system, name, and logo that Keene’s team could easily translate into a physical space. From the name to the napkins, Two Lights invites patrons to leave behind the hustle of Chicago to reset and relax at a coastal refuge in the middle of the Midwest.

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