Web & Application Development

Front and Backend Web Development

Our full-stack development team works collaboratively to produce exceptional code. An agile, iterative method means dev work happens efficiently and with best practice in web standards as our top-of-mind, tip-of-fingers priority.

iOS (iPhone & iPad) Development

Many apps start with iOS development for iPhone and iPad. With strict app policies in place to keep quality high from design to support, you’ll want dev work that meets Apple’s standards and wins customers. We do that.

Android Development

We love the challenge of building apps optimized to work on all shapes and sizes of device. While great tools exist to aid development, most code is still written manually. Our team is experts at the nuances of UX/UI for Android.

API Integrations

Want the software and applications that power your site or app to work nicely together? API integrations allow us to tie into existing services and create powerful applications that share data.

Shopping & E-Commerce Integration

Well executed e-commerce solutions require excellent user experience and expert technical solutions. We use the best open source solutions and web-based platforms to build sites that look great and convert well.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your website is so much more than a pretty face. With an easy to use content management system your site is a crucial aspect of your marketing plan. We work with powerful CMS solutions to make it easy to keep your site up to date and secure.

Craft CMS Development

One Design is excited to be joining the small community of agencies hand-selected to be official Craft Service Partners. Craft is our trusted tool for building the best websites out there and empowering our clients to deftly manage their content after launch. Learn More About Craft


Wordpress, the world’s most popular CMS, gives content creators access to many powerful plugins. With our custom themes you’ll have the perfect combination of beautifully designed website and an easy to manage back-end.

Ruby on Rails

Not every project can use an out of the box solution. We work with start-ups such as ThinkCERCA and big name players like Groupon to build powerful custom applications in Ruby on Rails.


The rise of Node has provided a wealth of tools for building real-time applications. Have an exciting idea for a streaming application? We’d be happy to help you build the next big thing in Node.