The Flexe logomark in white on a black shipping container hanging from a hook and cables. Confluence conference card stacks set in a repeating pattern. The cards are brightly colored and display the title "Confluence" with the dates "June 08-10, 2020." Type specimens from One Design's rebranding of JLL Income Property Trust A view of the New York skyline from a skyscraper at dusk. The sky is a soft blue, and the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center are lit to meet the coming night. "Hines" in white text sits centered in the image. Sayonara couch. A globe made of white nodes connected to each other with a blue background. A close up of a classic Field Notes booklet Indigo The DMDII lit up at night Product branding for Eastman Egg Company. A branded beverage cup next to an egg sandwich with the Eastman Company Logo in the background